niedziela, 24 stycznia 2016

Necklace with a dragon's skin

Materials: mother-of-pearl beads, goldstones (a glittering glass), glass seed beads in graphite, brown, navy, gold, orange (mostly with 2 and 3 mm diameter),  silver studs, brocade fabric, eco leather, clasp.

Bracelet and pendant to the set: here.

środa, 6 stycznia 2016

Brooch like a small snail / Mała broszka - ślimak

Materials: glass seed beads in orange, burgundy, purple, lilac, violet with 2 mm diameter (transparent and ceramic), goldstone (a glittering glass), yellow glass bead in teardrop shape, yellow transparent glass beads with 4 mm diameter, decorative fabric, eco leather and clasp.
Dimensions of brooch - diameter about 5 cm